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  • Title: UI4ALL: ERCIM WG User Interfaces for All
    Descriptive info: .. Go directly to page content.. |.. Go to page quick-links.. Navigation.. Home.. Workshops.. Contact.. ISF-IS4ALL.. Overview.. The ERCIM Working Group User Interfaces for All (WG UI4ALL) was established in 1995 and closed in 2006.. It has systematically promoted the proactive realisation of the Design for All principles in HCI.. Its activities have included the organisation of a.. series of very successful workshops.. , that have contributed to consolidate recent work and stimulate further discussion on the state of the art in User Interfaces for All and its increasing range of applications in the upcoming Information Society.. Such Workshops have brought together, in a new scientific community, researchers and teams working not only in the different ERCIM organisations, but also in organisations beyond ERCIM and the European boundaries, who share common interests and aspirations, and contribute to the endeavours towards making the Information Society equally accessible to all citizens.. The work of the ERCIM WG UI4ALL has led in 2001 to the establishment of the International Conference on Universal Access in Human-Computer Interaction (UAHCI), which takes place in the context of the.. HCI International Conference series.. UAHCI has established an international forum for the dissemination and exchange of scientific information on theoretical, methodological and empirical research that addresses all issues related to the attainment of Universal Access in the development of interactive software, attracting participants from a broad range of disciplines and fields of expertise.. The work of the ERCIM WG UI4ALL has also contributed to the establishment of the international, interdisciplinary refereed.. journal Universal Access in the Information Society (UAIS), published by Springer.. UAIS provides an archival publication channel for the discussion and advancement of theoretical and practical aspects of Universal Access in the Information Society, facilitating the rapid and wide diffusion of scientific and technological results that promote Universal Access in the Information Society; and stimulating cross-fertilization between the different contributing disciplines.. Many members of the ERCIM WG UI4ALL have also contributed to the.. edited book User Interfaces for All concepts, methods and tools.. , the first book dedicated to the issues of Universal Design and Universal Access in HCI, published by Lawrence Erlbaum Associates in 2001.. The book is a collection of 30 chapters written by leading international authorities,  ...   initiated by the ISF-IS4ALL have been continued in the framework of the Thematic Network (Working Group) Information Society for All (IST-1999-14101 - IS4ALL), which has consolidated knowledge on Universal Access in the context of Information Society Technologies into a comprehensive validated code of design practice, leading to the publication by Springer, in 2005, of the.. edited book Universal Access in Health Telematics - A Design Code of Practice.. , and has developed an.. on-line Training course in Design for All.. As a result of the 12 years of activities of the ERCIM WG User Interfaces for All , the field of Universal Access and Design for All has made significant progress towards consolidating theoretical approaches, methods, tools and technologies, as well as exploring new application domains.. The ERCIM WG UI4ALL, which was the recipient of the ERCIM WG Award for the year 2000, can be considered as an example of a dedicated, prolific and successful research and development community, which has highly contributed to the establishment in Europe of a new scientific field, that of Universal Access and Design for All ,.. As of the end of 2006, after the successful 9th Workshop, the time has come to consider the mission of this WG as fully accomplished.. The papers presented during the 9th ERCIM User Interfaces for All Workshop demonstrate that Ambient Intelligence is raising new fascinating research challenges, rapidly gaining wide attention by an increasing number of researchers and practitioners in Europe and worldwide.. The notions of Universal Access and User Interfaces for All are central to this vision, since Ambient Intelligence aims at providing implicit, unobtrusive interaction paradigms, putting people, their social situations, and the corresponding environments, at the centre of design considerations.. These issues are now addressed by the new (established in 2006).. ERCIM WG Smart Environments and Systems for AMbient Intelligence (SESAMI).. The research community established by the ERCIM WG UI4ALL will therefore continue its collaborative efforts in the context of SESAMI.. Constantine Stephanidis.. ERCIM WG UI4ALL Chairman.. For questions or comments concerning this site, contact:.. ui4all-web@ics.. forth.. gr.. This page was last updated on:.. The URL of this page is:.. Page quick-links:.. Page header.. Navigation bar.. Page content.. Page footer.. Return to the top of the page..

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  • Title: UI4ALL: List of Workshops
    Descriptive info: List of Workshops.. This ERCIM Working Group has held a Workshop on the topic of User Interfaces for All each year since its establishment in 1995.. Nine workshops have been organised (links to the electronic proceedings for all workshops are available below).. The workshops have attracted an international audience of researchers and practitioners sharing the vision of an inclusive Information Society and offering alternative perspectives into the issues involved and the possible approaches that can be taken to address them.. From the year 2001 onwards, the UI4ALL Working Group Workshop has become a bi-annual event, in alternation with the newly established "Universal Access in Human-Computer Interaction" (UAHCI) Conference, which is also held every two years in the context of the.. Workshop.. Electronic Proceedings.. 9th ERCIM Workshop.. User Interfaces For All.. Königswinter (Bonn), Germany.. 27 - 28 September 2006.. The official Workshop Proceedings have been published by Springer.. ".. Universal Access in Ambient Intelligence Environments.. Series: Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS), Vol.. 4397.. Editors: Constantine Stephanidis and Michael Pieper.. ISBN: 978-3-540-71024-0.. Workshop Adjunct Proceedings available On-line.. (including the abstracts of the poster presentations).. 8th ERCIM Workshop.. Vienna, Austria.. 28-29 June 2004.. User-Centered Interaction Paradigms for Universal Access in the Information Society.. , Series:  ...   Interfaces for All".. Edited by Pier Luigi Emiliani, CNR, and Constantine Stephanidis, ICS-FORTH.. 5th ERCIM Workshop on "User Interfaces for All".. Dagstuhl, Germany, 28 November - 1 December 1999.. Proceedings of the 5th ERCIM Workshop on "User Interfaces for All".. Edited by Alfred Kobsa, GMD, and Constantine Stephanidis, ICS-FORTH.. 4th ERCIM Workshop on "User Interfaces for All".. Stockholm, Sweden, 19-21 October 1998.. Proceedings of the 4th ERCIM Workshop on "User Interfaces for All".. Edited by Constantine Stephanidis, ICS-FORTH, and Annika Waern, SICS.. 3rd ERCIM Workshop on "User Interfaces for All".. Obernai, France, 3-4 November 1997.. Proceedings of the 3rd ERCIM Workshop on "User Interfaces for All".. Edited by Constantine Stephanidis, ICS-FORTH, and Noelle Carbonell, INRIA.. 2nd ERCIM Workshop on "User Interfaces for All".. Prague, Czech Republic, 7-8 November 1996.. Proceedings of the 2nd ERCIM Workshop on "User Interfaces for All".. Edited by Constantine Stephanidis, ICS-FORTH.. 1st ERCIM Workshop on "User Interfaces for All".. Heraklion, Crete, Greece, 30-31 October 1995.. Proceedings of the 1st ERCIM Workshop on "User Interfaces for All".. Other Joint Workshops.. ERCIM WG UI4ALL i3 Spring Days 2000 Joint workshop on.. "Interactive Learning Environments for Children".. Athens, Greece, 3 March 2000.. Proceedings of the Workshop on "Interactive Learning Environments for Children"..

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  • Title: UI4ALL: Contact Details
    Descriptive info: Contact Details.. For more information, please contact :.. Chairman of the Working Group.. Prof.. Institute of Computer Science (ICS).. Foundation for Research and Technology Hellas (FORTH).. Human Computer Interaction Laboratory.. and Centre for Universal Access and Assistive Technologies.. N.. Plastira 100, Vassilika Vouton.. GR 70013 Heraklion, Crete, Greece.. Tel: +30 2810 391741.. Fax: +30 2810 391799.. Email:.. cs@ics..

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  • Title: UI4ALL: 9th ERCIM Workshop - About
    Descriptive info: About.. Areas of Interest.. Final Programme.. Publications.. Programme Committee.. Contact Details.. "User Interfaces For All".. Special Theme:.. Universal Access.. in Ambient Intelligence Environments.. Keynote Speakers:.. From Human Computer Interaction to Human Environment Interaction: Ambient Intelligence and the Disappearing Computer.. Dr.. Norbert Streitz.. Fraunhofer IPSI.. Darmstadt, Germany.. streitz@ipsi.. fraunhofer.. de.. Human Computer Confluence.. Alois Ferscha.. Institut für Pervasive Computing.. Johannes Kepler Universität Linz, Austria.. ferscha@soft.. uni-linz.. ac.. at.. This page was last updated on: 27 November, 2007.. The URL of this page is:..

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  • Title: UI4ALL: 9th ERCIM Workshop - Adjunct Proceedingst
    Descriptive info: Workshop Adjunct Proceedings.. New User Interfaces for the Sales Process Support.. Rainer Blum, Sascha Haberling, Karim Khakzar, Hans-Martin Pohl.. Designing a Multimodal Phone Interface for Car.. Martin Cmejrek, Martin Fanta, Ladislav Seredi, Vladimir Bergl.. CLoc - Clock Interface for Location and Presence.. Lennart E.. Fahlen, Emmanuel Frecon, Par Hansson, Anneli Avatare Nou, Jonas Soderberg.. Voice Controlled Subway Ticketing  ...   Kaibel, Klaudia Grote, Kilian Knoerzer, Horst Sieprath, Florian Kramer.. Design of an Evaluation Study for 3D Input Devices.. Tobias Nowack, Peter Kurtz, Stefan Lutherdt, Torsten Gramsch, Martin Gerlach, Gunnar Sievers, Beate Schlutter.. Representing Large Visual Contents in Wearable Ambient Environments.. Rene Rosenbaum, Heidrun Schumann.. Prototype Sonic Assistive Technology for Training Designers Using Computer-Assisted Modelling Software.. Donna Marie Vakalis..

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  • Title: UI4ALL: 8th ERCIM Workshop
    Descriptive info: Programme.. 28-29 June 2004.. Palais Eschenbach.. , Vienna, Austria.. Special Theme: User-Centred Interaction Paradigms for Universal Access.. in the Information Society.. Keynote Speakers.. Interface Design Strategies to Promote Learnability for All.. Ben Shneiderman.. Department of Computer Science.. University of Maryland.. College Park, MD 20742.. ben@cs.. umd.. edu.. Online Communities for All.. Jenny Preece.. of Information Systems.. University of Maryland Baltimore County.. Baltimore, MD 21250.. Preece@umbc..

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  • Title: UI4ALL: 8th ERCIM Workshop: Adjunct Proceedings
    Descriptive info: Workshop Adjunct Proceedings.. Papers are available in PDF format.. Design methodologies for universal access.. Universal access in interactive applications and e-services.. Novel interaction techniques, devices and metaphors.. Accessibility of public web sites.. User-oriented and organisational issues.. Evaluation techniques.. Posters.. Achieving Universal Web Access through Specialized User Interfaces.. Giorgio Brajnik.. A Generic Engine for User Model Based Adaptation.. Paul de Vrieze, Patrick van Bommel, Theo van der Weide.. Augmenting Interaction and Cognition using Agent Architectures and Technology Inspired by Psychology and Social Worlds.. Steve Goschnick, Connor Graham.. A Usability and Accessibility Oriented Development Process.. María Dolores Lozano, Francisco Montero, Pascual Gonzalez.. Metaphors, Conceptual Models and Evolutionary Epistemology.. Karl-Heinz Weidmann.. |.. Vision-Enhanced Multi-Modal Interactions in Domotic Environments.. Jan Kleindienst, Tomas Macek, Ladislav Seredi, Jan Sedivy.. A Comparison of Navigation Performances Between Older and Young Adults in Hypermedia E-mall Shopping.. Dyi-Yih Lin.. Applying User-Centered Design Methodology to Portable Lightweight GPS Receiver (PLGR) Interface.. Mansour Rahimi, Jennifer Russell, Gregory Placencia.. An e-Learning Environment for Deaf Adults.. Katja Straetz, Andreas Kaibel, Vivian Raithel, Marcus Specht, Klaudia Grote, Florian Kramer.. Single Authoring for Multi-Device Interfaces.. Elmar Braun, Andreas Hartl, Jussi Kangasharju, Max Mühlhäuser.. Creating Effective, Efficient and Desirable Voice Enabled Web Interfaces.. Bryan Duggan.. Four-key Text Entry for Physically Challenged People.. Tatiana Evreinova, Grigori Evreinov, Roope Raisamo.. Interaction Zones for Remote Workers: Negotiating  ...   Define a Search Query by Speech.. Pavel Zikovsky, Pavel Slavik.. Corporate Identity and the web: What your homepage tells about your organization.. Michael Beer.. The Lifecycle of Egalitarian Input for an Enterprise Portal.. Catherine Forsman.. User Interface Design Question in Developing Multimedia Software for Handicapped Children.. Cecilia Sik Lanyi, Adam Tilinger, Julianna Szabo, Attila Pall, Zsuzsanna Lanyi.. Usability Evaluation: A Method for a Specific Field.. Canan Akoglu.. Results of Mousemap-based Usability Evaluations - Towards Automating Analyses of Bahavioural Aspects.. Michael Gellner, Peter Forbrig, Manja Nelius.. Usability Evaluation Methodology for Web-based Educational Systems.. Andrina Granic, Vlado Glavinic, Slavomir Stankov.. The computer as a tool in Assistive Technologies Assessment Procedures: The Hyprofile test.. Rui Raposo, Óscar Mealha.. Human-Moderated Remote User Testing: Protocols and Applications.. Asimina Vasalou, Brian Ng, Peter Wiemer-Hastings, Lidia Oshlyansky.. Evaluation of AAC for text input by two groups of subjects: able-bodied subjects and disabled motor subjects.. Nadine Vigouroux, Frédéric Vella, Philippe Truillet, Mathieu Raynal.. King Sejong s Invention: Korean Alphabet and Mobile User Interface for Information Society.. Yung Bok Kim, Young-Han Kim.. LPFAV2: a multi-modal database for developing continuous speech recognisers on assistive technology applications.. António Moura, Vítor Pêra, Diamantino Freitas.. Virtual Scene Handling by 3-D Body Motion.. Satoshi Yonemoto, Rin-ichiro Taniguchi.. Multimodal Interfaces for Visually Impaired People to Access Internet.. Wai Yu, Graham McAllister, Gordon Dodds..

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  • Title: UI4ALL: 7th ERCIM Workshop - About
    Descriptive info: Special Events.. 7th ERCIM Workshop.. Golf Hotel de Mont Griffon.. , R.. D.. 909 - 95270 Luzarches.. Keynote Speakers.. Alfred Kobsa, University of California, Irvine, USA.. Steven Pemberton, CWI, The Netherlands..

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  • Title: UI4ALL: 6th ERCIM Workshop
    Descriptive info: Contact.. Program Committee.. 6th ERCIM WORKSHOP.. "USER INTERFACES FOR ALL".. 25-26 October 2000.. Convitto della Calza.. , Florence, Italy.. Special Theme.. "Information Society for All".. Proceedings.. Areas of interest.. Adaptable and adaptive interaction, user modelling.. Intelligent user interfaces, guided or cooperative interaction, intelligent agents.. Computer-Supported Collaborative Work.. Multilinguality, internationalisation / localisation of interactive applications.. Novel interaction techniques, multimedia / multimodal interfaces.. Virtual and augmented reality.. Dialogue design methodologies and approaches.. Interface design assistance tools.. Interface architectures and development tools, interoperability.. Formal methods and languages for interaction specification and verification.. Ergonomics, Human Factors and usability issues.. Evaluation techniques and tools.. Sociological and economical issues.. Novel approaches to information access and retrieval in large information spaces.. Cognitive Factors in Design.. User-Centred Design.. Interface metaphors.. Intuitive, seamless interfaces.. Interfaces to wearable and ubiquitous systems.. Information Visualisation.. Support measures (e.. g.. standardisation) for user interfaces for all.. Accessibility of information environments.. This year's special theme is "Information Society for All", and a special  ...   access to medical records.. Security, privacy and IPR.. Universal access principles and the organisation of Regional Healthcare Networks.. Etc.. Keynote Speaker.. Gavriel Salvendy.. Purdue University, USA.. Constantine Stephanidis, University of Crete and ICS-FORTH, Greece (Workshop Chair).. Pier Luigi Emiliani, CNR-IROE, Italy (Programme Chair and Local Organiser).. Michael Pieper, GMD, Germany.. Elizabeth Andre, DFKI, Germany.. David Benyon, Napier University, United Kingdom.. Noelle Carbonell, CRIN-CNRS INRIA, France.. Giorgio Faconti, CNR-CNUCE, Italy.. Mr.. Seppo Haataja, NOKIA Mobile Phones, Finland.. Ilias Iakovidis, European Commission, EU.. Dominique Scapin, INRIA, France.. Christian Stary, University of Linz, Austria.. Jean Vanderdonckt, Universite Catholique de Louvain, Belgium.. Annika Waern, SICS, Sweden.. Michael Wilson, RAL, United Kingdom.. Juergen Ziegler, FhG-IAO, Germany.. For more information, please contact:.. Programme Chair Local Arrangements:.. Pier Luigi Emiliani.. Director.. Institute of Research on Electromagnetic Waves "Nello Carrara" (IROE).. National Research Council.. Via Panciatichi, 64.. 50127 Firenze, Italy.. Tel: +39 055 431090 / 4235235.. Fax: +39 055 410893.. p.. l.. emiliani@ifac.. cnr.. it.. Workshop Chair:..

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  • Title: UI4ALL: 6th ERCIM Workshop
    Descriptive info: CNR-IROE.. ,.. Edited by P.. L.. Emiliani and C.. Stephanidis.. Editorial.. , C.. Stephanidis and P.. Emiliani.. Invited Speech.. The Human Factors of the Information Society.. , Gavriel Salvendy.. Long Papers.. A Simplistic Approach to Internationalization: Design Considerations for an Autonomous Intelligent Agent.. , T.. A.. O'Connell.. Mindless Visualisations.. Knight and M.. Munro.. Usability Issues in Software to Assist People with Brain Injuries.. , E.. Bonneville, J.. C.. Muzio and M.. Serra.. Designing an Adaptive Virtual Guide for Web Applications.. , L.. Marucci and F.. Paterno'.. Intention-guided web sites: a new perspective on Adaptation.. , M.. Baldoni, C.. Baroglio, A.. Chiarotto, A.. Martelli and V.. Patti.. A Structured Contextual Approach to Design for All.. Stary.. Trusty Interaction in Visual Environments.. , P.. Bottoni, M.. F.. Costabile, S.. Levialdi, M.. Matera and P.. Mussio.. Visualizing Computational Wear with Physical Wear.. , X.. Mao, Y.. Hatanaka, A.. Imamiya, Y.. Kato and K.. Go.. A Gesture-Based Interface for Seamless Communication between Real and Virtual Worlds.. Omata, K.. Go and A.. Imamiya.. Effect of "Sound Fonts" in an Aural Presentation.. Truillet, B.. Oriola, J-L.. Nespoulous and N.. Vigouroux.. GroupMark: A WWW Recommender System Combining Collaborative and Information Filtering.. , D.. Pemberton, T.. Rodden and R.. Procter.. Cognitive Training by Animated Pedagogical Agents (TAPA) - Development of a Tele-Medical System for Memory Improvement in Children with Epilepsy.. , H.. Tebarth, Y.. Mohamad and M.. Pieper.. Short Papers.. Embedding Plasticity in the Development Process of Interactive Systems.. , G.. Calvary, J.. Coutaz and D.. Thevenin.. Interface Support for Elderly People with Impaired Sight or Memory.. Zajicek.. Experimenting with Metaphors for All: A User Interface for a Mobile Electronic Payment Device.. , K.. Karvonen.. MFB (Music For the Blind): a software able to transcribe and create musical scores into Braille and to be used by blind persons.. Langolff, N.. Jessel and D..  ...   Computer Assisted Learning Resources.. M.. MacKinnon and K.. E.. Brown.. User interface approaches for accessibility in complex World-Wide-Web applications- an example approach from the PEARL project.. Cooper, L.. P.. Santacruz Valencia, A.. Donnelly and P.. Sergeant.. A ubiquitous interaction model for a natural and cultural heritage museum proposal of the Montsec area.. Sendin, J.. Lores, C.. Aguilo and X.. Palau.. An Assessment of Using Integrated Information Sources in Clinical Environments.. , B.. Steele and S.. Goncalves.. From Adaptations to User Interfaces for All.. From User interfaces for all to an Information Society for All: Recent achievements and future challenges.. Stephanidis.. Interactive Posters.. Interfaces for Geographic Applications on the World Wide Web: an Adaptive Computational Hypermedia.. Carrara, G.. Fresta and A.. Rampini.. MAGUS: Modelling Access with GIS in Urban Systems: An Application for Wheelchair Users in Northamptonshire.. Beale, H.. Matthews, P.. Picton and D.. Briggs.. Aiding Designers to Design for All: The IRIS Approach.. Koutsabasis, J.. S.. Darzentas, T.. Spyrou, K.. Lambrinoudakis and J.. Darzentas.. User Interface for efficient querying in picture DBS.. , Z.. Mikovec and P.. Slavik.. Adaptable speech-based interfaces.. Zikovsky and P.. Slavik.. Fischlar on a PDA: A Handheld User Interface to a Video Indexing, Browsing and , Playback System.. Lee, A.. Smeaton, P.. McCann, N.. Murphy, N.. O'Connor and S.. Marlow.. VITIPI: A universal writing interface for all.. Boissiere and D.. Dours.. Self-organising map browser for database retrieval.. Kerminen, A.. Raike and M.. Kaipainen.. Designing and using efficient interfaces for switch accessibility.. Colven and A.. Lysley.. FACT-V: Universal Access and Quality of Interaction for Automatic Teller Machine (ATM).. , I.. Kobayashi, A.. Iwazaki and K.. Sasaki.. Age-related differences in Driver-INFO2000 interaction.. Toffetti, E.. Nodari, C.. Zoldan, A.. De Angeli and W.. Gerbin.. The User Centered design approach to develop an adaptive Web-based IR System.. , F.. Rizzo.. Consumeter - An Information Tool.. Ellonen..

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  • Title: 5th ERCIM UI4ALL Workshop
    Descriptive info: 5th ERCIM WORKSHOP.. "USER INTERFACES FOR ALL".. Dagstuhl.. , Germany, Nov.. 28th - Dec.. 1st 1999.. "User-Tailored Information Environments".. FINAL PROGRAMME.. Constantine Stephanidis, ICS-FORTH, Greece (Workshop Chair).. Alfred Kobsa, GMD, Germany (Programme Chair).. Michael Pieper, GMD, Germany (Local Organiser).. Pier Luigi Emiliani, CNR-IROE, Italy.. Cristian Stary, University of Linz, Austria.. Jean Vanderdonckt, Université Catholique de Louvain, Belgium.. Jon Gunderson, University of Illinois at Urbana, Champaign, USA.. Hans-Heinrich Bothe, Orebro University, Sweden.. Local Arrangements:.. Michael Pieper.. GMD-FIT.. Schloss Birlinghoven.. D-53754 Sankt Augustin.. Germany.. Tel: +49 2241 142018.. Fax: +49 2241 142167.. michael.. pieper@fit.. Programme Chair:.. Alfred Kobsa.. Last modified: November 1999..

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